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My name is Chris.  I’ve always been passionate about extracting as much productivity and efficiency from Excel as possible, and I love teaching and educating others.

Professionally, my background is in finance, accounting and data analytics – all areas where I’ve needed to use Microsoft Excel in detail various ways.  Working in analytics has definitely the most interesting out of those three, and it’s the area where my knowledge of Excel really started to accelerate.

I’m one of those guys who gets a reputation (good or bad?  Who knows!) for using spreadsheets a little too much.  It’s a reputation I’m willing to bear from my friends and family, because the benefits you can get out of being quick in Excel are huge, on both a personal and professional level.

I don’t claim to be an absolute expert at Excel (for example, I barely touch VBA) but I do believe I can often find the quickest, most straightforward results to cover 99% of the tasks that Excel is used for.

What this website is all about

Excel Efficiency has a very straightforward goal: to help you become faster at using Microsoft Excel.  Here you will find guides, shortcuts, tips and tricks that will help you spend less time in Excel, especially on those annoying weekly or monthly tasks that take you several hours in your workplace, school or home.

If it’s a task that you need to complete repeatedly in Excel, I can guarantee there’s a way to complete it quicker with the right shortcuts, features or templates.

Getting the most out of Excel Efficiency

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