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Excel is absolutely ubiquitous in the world of spreadsheet applications.

Almost anyone who has used a computer has spent some time on it, even if only for basic tasks.

And there are plenty of people who spend almost their entire workweek on various Excel sheets.  And there’s a good chance you are one of them!

Excel Efficiency is here to help you spend less time on Excel, so you can complete your spreadsheet-related tasks with time to spare.  And if you’re able to be more efficient, then your boss or your co-workers will be impressed by your work, which means you could be in line for that next available promotion at work.

At the very least, being efficient means you won’t be bored spending countless hours on boring and mind-numbing tasks.

All you need is a few helpful hints, a few critical shortcuts and your workload in Excel can shrink big time.

But everyone wants to improve their Excel skills in different ways, so to navigate your way through all of Excel Efficiency’s content, have a look at the below hand-picked articles to make some real improvements to the world’s most popular spreadsheet application.

If You Want to Learn the Best Excel Shortcuts

Excel has a huge number of shortcuts – almost all tasks have some kind of quick way to access them.

And there’s no need to memorise every single shortcut in Excel, but there are some that are more useful than others.

Excel Efficiency has a series of shortcut roundups that are tailor-made articles to help you learn the best shortcuts on a given topic.

And in these roundups, you’ll get clever and easy ways to memorise the shortcuts too.

Which means no more reaching for a shortcut list or post-it note.

If you find yourself spending too much time on a certain task in Excel, then a quick refresher with a shortcut roundup can help you claw back hours of wasted time.

Check out all shortcut roundups here, or have a look at these popular shortcut topics:

If you Want to Learn Amazing Excel Features

One of the greatest things about Microsoft Excel is that there are so many features, yet most people only use a small portion of the program.

Which means there’s a lot that you don’t know, because you haven’t stumbled across it yet.

Excel Efficiency strives to showcase some of the lesser-known features in Excel, and uncover the best ways to use them in your normal Excel usage.

Some of the features you may never have known about include:

If you Want to Improve your Excel Presentation Skills

If you are technically savvy user of Excel already, but want your work to sparkle and shine, Excel Efficiency has some quality tips and methods to present your Excel files clearly and without confusion.

Taking in some of the points from these articles can bring your Excel quality up to the next level, impressing your boss or colleague and allowing them to understand your work almost instantly.

These articles are good starting points to fine-tune how you present your Excel files:

If you Want All of These Things!

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